Samstag, 8. Juli 2017

That Maw Of Everything

So there appears ´
Above those dark glowing hills ´
What grew in all the years ´
And kills ´

Time as it seems ´
When it is time, that is lost ´
In amounts of our dreams ´
Dreamt without any cost ´

In there ends up everything ´
That ever began ´
Peasant and King ´
Together on the low road than ´

There is a time and place in life ´
For everything, they say ´
The beginning of its strife ´
Where it is not, you cannot stay ´

And what it is, you cannot tell ´
So just for now, let's be not ´
All and nothing ´
Be as well ´
In between, there is a lot ´

Don't piss on your ground right there ´
Where you face the shadowy hollows ´
While still breathing sweet air
You can become the maw that swallows ´

Everything – that is you.

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