Dienstag, 10. Januar 2017


I can see/
Whoever lies to me/
Whoever hides their respect/
Behind an noisy act/
Have the same fear and pain/
In voice, in eyes/
May they carry a different name/
May they reach a different size/

Everybody lies/

When truth becomes unbearable/
Pain bigger than fear/
Anger unstoppable/

And even when there's nothing else to hear/
But angst, screaming low/
Through the bigliest mouth, its infamy/
You still can feel the same flow/
Don't be fooled by the waves you see/

Step into that river/
Get the same shiver/

You know/
The water won't be lost/
Goes and comes around in this eternal show/
So what you might fear the most/
The loss/
Was never yours/
We toss/
The woes of a shared world/

And as soon as they are hurled/
They're about to come back/
To the same places and faces/
The language that hazes/
To people who can't pay the check/
Of wisdom/
That they own themselves/

Let's give them some credit.

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