Montag, 21. August 2017


I'm so trigger-happy ´ 
It makes me sad ´ 
Eaten up by words ´ 
Long gone bad ´ 

The more I know ´ 
The less I'm certain ´ 
Sitting in that theater ´ 
Afraid of the moving curtain ´ 

Pain presses on ´ 
Like all that lonely time ´ 
And every price I won ´ 
Seems the burden of a crime ´ 

I remember where I'm coming from ´
A mess, quiet duly ´ 
Maybe I have to forget everything ´ 
To become yours, truly ´ 

But how should I know ´ 
Everything is questionable ´ 
Freedom and safety ´ 
Both lies on the kitchen table ´ 

I question my self ´ 
And I look childish ´  
So I guess it starts all over ´ 
Again with a child's wish ´ 

I don't want to be hurt ´ 
But I have to jump into that ´ 
Cold water of uncertain dreams ´ 
Naked, but still wearing a hat ´ 
Whose are this dreams anyway ´ 
And what are those streams ´ 
Of feelings, I can't say ´ 
Can just cry or fall silent ´ 

You understand and I understand ´ 
You, me, nearly everything ´ 
I have my brains at hand ´ 
But my heart is slippy ´ 

I made to many enemies ´ 
Who don't even know my name ´ 
I hide behind certainties ´ 
Built from the cardboard of my shame ´ 

I can feel, you're getting stricter ´ 
Dear teacher of mine ´ 
Beware the edge of your lips ´ 
And give me some time ´ 

I may no be a good boy ´ 
But I'm a man who can ´ 
Be a nice toy ´ 
As well as a burning soul ´  

Songs of Lennon I can sing ´ 
With one of them I won back ´ 
Once a broken heart ´ 
Even hopeless, on an ending track ´ 

I still know the place ´  
Where old gods whisper in the trees ´  
And the wind is kissing my face  ´ 
Filling my lungs with songs ´ 

Songs of my own I can find ´ 
And I know how to heal ´ 
It's not you I want to bind ´ 
You'd just broken the seal ´ 

And I just want throw some silver lining ´ 
Bind me to the mast ´ 
When the sirens start their whining ´
Strong storms coming fast. 

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