Samstag, 17. Juni 2017


What if it's true/
What demons whisper/
In the shadows of the night/

So what/
Day lights different truth/
May doubt all doubts/

And what if it's all blindness/
Each insight of its own/
Separation before the meltdown/

What do you want/
Divine words and all the world/
I will not accept anything/

I will not submit/
To nature itself/
I'll run, I'll burn/

All down/
If you want survival/
But no life for me/

Yes, if it's all true/
What demons sing/
I got songs of my own/

About how wonderful you are/
I write now/
Said it forever/

I don't need to understand the world no more/
Just need you/
To be/

Your body means nothing/
You don't mind/
In your soul/

And I like my women/
Like myself/
Totally not mine, but free/

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