Samstag, 11. Februar 2017

Fortyfive This Is The World

Fortyfive looks over the edge/
Of his human world/
His believes start slipping/
His mind starts tripping/
Anger fills the pain/
That escorts his every skim/
On what he has to learn/
What a strain/
The things nobody ever taught him/

Old man in front of a mirror/
One that you can't break/
Too many like you before/
Found their assets to be fake/

And that is all there's left/
Everything is left/
That is not just right/
For those in need for more of nothing/
For that they fight/
Against the unborn and the living/
Who just struggle for something/

Now Fortyfive stares upon that all/
Never wanted this/
Thought it was his call/
Other peoples nightmare it is/
That he can't escape anymore/
Nothing will be like before/

O Fortyfive/
You are the avatar of what went wrong/
That's not for what you strive/
But it's your nature/
So be strong/
Truth is the torture/
You wished for others in your rage/
And it reached the legal age/
Of driving you insane. 

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