Montag, 12. Dezember 2016

A Liar

He's a liar/
And they know it/
Still breathing his fire/
Still swallowing his shit/
Just not knowing/
What else to do/

Past is flowing/
Future will strike true/

Once the greedy worked hard/
As puppet masters/
At least a formless form of art/
Today it's just a disasters/
And this master is his own marionette/
Well, thanx! The stage is set/

And any rebellion will drown/
In the mass religion of the gun/
The union had signed at dawn/
Before its damnnation begun/

An unholy canonization/
Of the weapon of cowards/
Blood run from the railway station/
To their soil, earthwards/
Where it was coming from/

Blood will always come back/
Now stand still and see/
How evil deeds of old following your track/
And democracy commits suicide/

And you have no other system to flee.

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