Freitag, 25. November 2016

Europe Decide

The self-injuring woman cheers/
For Trump the Agitator/
While the man who has no tears/
Prefers Putin the Dictator/

And you, Europe, must decide/
They say, between devil and devil/
Choose one of the same side/
And sacrifice your own will/
For this monstrous choice/

Yes, Europe, decide/
Strong arms build the lanes/
Your thougths can travel - wide/
And far your historic stains/
Wave as banners of betterment/

Decice your own future now/
And don't ask the parcel of rogues/
How, but anyhow/
Ask your folks/
With your own voice of reason/

I wait in the shadow of your trenches/
I watched your promises being burned or sold/
By man with ties, a bunch of uniformed wenches/
And I keep my birthright on the hold/
For not much longer/

What do you want to be/
A strong-box for the tyrants of the new world order/
Or a stronghold for people who flee/
From those who besiege your moral border/
To keep in your fear/

Europe decide now/
Or the tyrannts decide for you anyhow/
If you will be strong, hopeful and free/
Or a weak vassal - for the world to see/
That there is no hope in it.

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