Dienstag, 8. November 2016


Can't hunt your demons/
Without feeling fear/
To track them down/

Sit and have a frown/
I pay the first round/
To your pain I'll be bound/
As well to fell the giants of hell/
With that thine line/
Hard to spot/
I feel it pulling at my spine/
Head becomes hot/
And my chest is a book/
About to open/

I roam the blooming carcass of the city/
Fall feeds color to everyones light/
Today you're all so pretty/
I wanna wash the mouth of society/
Rush before the sobriety/
And than your music becomes so still/

Rolling on the river/
Sliding on the leaves/
Frightening the dogs/
Barking with the trees/

You're to young for me darling/
But I want to forget time in your eyes/
And then spring/
Does not care for my demise/

Yes, everything and everyone/
Must have a soul.

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