Dienstag, 25. Oktober 2016

Bob Dylan

Just walkin'/
Someone's talkin'/
While that old troubadour/
Is telling stories to the beat/
Always on tour/
Still wandering/
That's what we need/

And I know what you want/

Now people talking about him/
In front of his back/
His chances were slim/
all along/
He stays on the track/
When that ol' wind blows strong/

Hard rain comes always/

Someone tries something new/
And those talker spit fast/
In their own stew/
Can't believe they still live in his past/
Guess he is carrying a death man's shield/
Still breathing/
Words for us to wield/

And they say it's all good/

Beyond that they know nothing/
But the mountains of his past/
There's always something/
That won't be the last/
And now they borrowing his steel/
To arrow for his heel/

Shouldn't sacrifice an union for one sundown/

Just do your thing, that's wise/
Than he destroyed the noblest price/
Nobody was glad/
The price was given to him/
He was supposed to feel bad/
He's still doing it/
That's his sin/

Who was this Maggie anyway?/

But he crossed that river/
I wanna sing my lover about/
A cold stream that makes me shiver/
A song, a black stout/
I think we'll cross it again/
Yes Sir, I know that refrain/

Well, times still are a-changing.

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