Freitag, 15. Juli 2016

Words Like Death

It's easy to say/
It's hard/
It comes like death/

They were killed because they're black/
They were assasinated because they're cops/
They were attacked because they were wrong/
In time and place/

But no human being is absolute/
Black or white/
No one is a job/
We all are alright and in our rights/
Being human in every time and space/

Black and white is the perception of the blind/
Don't blind yourself/
Your job is the outcome of your actions/
Don't let yours be the misdeeds of others/
No place, no time justifices the crime/
Don't be distracted by the obvious/

They were all murdered because of the same/
Murderous thoughts/
The perception of those who are blind/
At heart and mind/

No race/
No trade/
No time or place/

Find the truth behind it/
The truth within/
And free the words/
It arises as the live/
Under your shell and skin/
Your name/
Your spacetime/
Your human being.

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