Sonntag, 20. März 2016


Sun on the garden/
Blood in the water/
Teeth are blooming/
Sharp'n'red beside the warden/
The danger is farther/
Not the thorn-wall they're grooming/
Or at least so they say/
Around the house I use to stay/

Before they shoving refugees back/
On a prison-track/
Before they privatize the escape/
They had to privatize the war/
Subsidized with murder and rape/
Subsidized by friends in the goverments/
You can't run that far/
I greet you with the regular compliments/
Then I smother you in my arms/

You want to be free as the birds in the tree/
They just flying in circles, can't you see/
The world is dumped by the fat cat/
And you want to ask the rats to join the repairs/
Who wallow in the mess and getting fat/
Themselves - drolling for their slice of acid/
That's luring up the stairs/
In the castle of bullshit/

Sun upon the hive/
Spring in everyone/
You can only survive in others life/
Who can live on, when you are gone/
One springtime will eat your flesh/
Than you'll be the refugee/
But you can't run, so why the rush/
Better to build a garden for all to see/
And rest/

One day we all will flee this home/
And we don't know where we will end up/
Or if it matters, where we are coming from/
So stop/
Your hassle grows way to soon/
From the roots of your fear/
Cut it down in the light of the moon/
Plant some barley/
Have a beer/

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