Freitag, 25. Juli 2014

The Neverending Poem

Everyone's a nazi
Now and than
The words are spilled so easily
Catch them if you can

Everyone's a pussy
Even when they have a dick
Transgendered for indignity
That can't be the trick

Everyone's a fool
Please get in the line
Of all the other fools
We got all of humanities time

Everyone's a slaver
At least in our dreams and hopes
Sometimes you don't know
If you truss or hand the ropes

Everyone's an ashole
And you are certainly one
If you think in your life as a whole
That you are none

Everyone's a liar
Towards ourselves mostly
Sometimes the stakes are higher
But the game is the same eventually

Everyone wants to be the one
And if others take the win
Are first to cast the first stone
We yell that it's a sin

Everyone can change the world
So the advertising says
But dice and spears are hurled
I rather change our coming ways

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