Dienstag, 17. Juni 2014

Captain's Sailor Panic Go

Down the road a sailor
Following his captain's call
Who is a professional wailer
Dragging along the good wishes all

And with the summoning tide
Fills up everyones younger and older
Hope that sparkles still so bright
In the tears of the beholder

Running away, flowing away
The little man grabs his chances
Chained to all who have to stay
Into the gloom of mental distances

Fear itself we have to fear
Those of our politics for sure
They dread their own humaneness severe
And calling their panic our cure

Well the captain is doing
What he fears others would do
While his sailor constantly is ruining
His own tongue in the damn row

It stops the up and down

Of the coming tides and hopes
Only the joker keeps her crown
And starts to smoke our shackling ropes

And the mirror knows by looking at
The opposite of each of us
Good is good and bad is bad
Spreading splinters in all our fuss

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